I'm Brayden Jonsson, and this is my personal portfolio website. Previously, I used a Github Pages static site based on Vue.js, but inspired by my need to switch domain providers after Squarespace acquired Google Domains, I am redeveloping this site from scratch in a stack based on the .NET framework. This should provide me more flexibility, as well as teaching me better web development skills.

I'm a current student at the University of Utah, double-majoring in Computer Science and Physics. I have been programming since at least 9th grade, and with the experience coming into university, CS seemed like the obvious correct option. Initially, I bounced around a few different minors, certificates, and emphasis options, until I landed on a double-major with a base Physics degree. Physics has always been my favorite hard science class, and I think in an alternate reality without computers, Physics would be on my shortlist of degrees to pursue by itself. I'm also a member of the Honors College, and intend to complete the thesis for both departments. Currently, I'm interested in researching machine learning, quantum computing, mechanical simulations/modelling, algorithms, and whatever else I find interesting, which is most fields in these subjects.